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The cultural past fostered the paradoxical existential tradition of a split cultural identity -secular/religious - and a cultural expression when pagan and Christian attitudes, values and modes of thinking co-existed side by side.Italy's Universities were the oldest in Europe, attracting numerous students from various countries, were the only ones that did not have the faculties of theology, censoring the curriculum; the powerful Catholic church did not have dominance in the academe.The Italian Renaissance was not only embodied in the names of Giotto, Cavalcanti, Dante, Massaccio, Boticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rafael and Caravaggio, but also it was characterized by the intense scientific research Italy's cultural climate was the richest in Europe and the best minds gravitated towards it, next to artists and aspiring composers.The Italian Universities, the first in Europe, had been the conservatories of scientific discoveries.Eventually, his famed major work De immortalitate animae (1516) was condemned to public burning in Venice.The Papal warning was given on June 13th, 1518, after the inquiry into the blasphemous book "against faith" conducted by Cardinal Legate Giulio de Medici.Numerous historians attributed to Pomponazzi the saying, "in philosophy, it is necessary to be a heretic" [M. According to Bruno Nardi, Pomponazzi "indeed pushed his rational insights further than most other Renaissance Aristotelians" [ibid.,: 18]. Italy - the most Preserved Archive of Aristotelianism Italy, the former heart of the Roman Empire that completed the ascent of Europe as a civilization, remained the cultural avant-garde up until the 17th century.It was famous for the freest atmosphere of thought, the most perfect art and aesthetism, creativity, sophisticated governance, urbanity and, thus, the most conducive atmosphere for the cultivation of sciences and philosophy.

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This freedom and intellectual autonomy came to Pomponazzi after years of being "an effective teacher" and a series of confrontations with various university authorities in Bologna, Pisa, Florence and Padua.