Are jacqueline and ed from bachelor pad dating

25-Jun-2017 20:20

Nick and Rachel feel like they could be next on the chopping block because they are not “romantic” partners and everyone else is.Chris Harrison announces that the winner of the competition will have a lot of power in their hands, but he doesn’t completely explain what that means.One of the guys told Sarah that they thought her cowgirl dance was a little “whoa” but it’s entertaining. The winner of the final competition on “Bachelor Pad” was Rachel and Nick! Rachel favors Ed and Jaclyn because they were basically in her alliance and her friends.Nick is trying his hardest to convince her and he tells her she won’t lose a friend in Jaclyn, it’s playing the game. We’ve gotten to see a lot more about who he is in this episode and he’s really fun and a decent guy too.Ed and Jaclyn are really upset and Jaclyn starts to cry. Chris keeps telling Rachel how sorry he is in her ear because he feels bad knowing that she had to hurt her friend in order to do what she and Nick thought was best. I hope they are able to put this behind them at some point.Rachel tells Jaclyn she so sorry and Jaclyn responds by saying a very cold, “It’s fine”. Jaclyn is cursing in the limo calling her a “piece of s***”. Ed is shocked that Rachel would have done that to someone she considered her best friend. Lots of dirty laundry comes out between the contestants and there is a stunning turn of events.Then Jaclyn started stripping off her clothes and grinding on Ed. The band saw Chris reading his lyrics off of his arm!They started dry humping on stage and the band was like, “Can they do that?! I have a feeling that’s going to work against them. The couples all came back out on stage and the judges had mostly positive things to say about Rachel and Nick.

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Sure, she had an affair with Eddie, but the two weren’t exactly going out on date and discussing their innermost feelings to one another.I take back all the nice things I said about him because he’s like, “Did I go on looking for a wife?

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