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There we respond by throwing a WM_CLOSE to the form.

Bug Reports Showing the popup menu of a windowed control is implemented using the native behavior of the Windows CE platform for touch screens.

Currently there are some small issues which sometimes with nested pack records compiler does not generate the required code. But note that using packed records will influence speed a lot as all of its members are treated as unaligned. The Windows CE interface will try to automatically detect the kind of device which is being run if nothing is specifyed by the user. Currently it should work just like on win32, althougth maybe the Left/Top position should always be ignored, because a Handheld may have a small screen.

It's also necessary to check if all border styles are supported (how could one resize a form on a handhelp?

Now imagine a CPU with a 32bit data bus and reading a byte.

Data is read in chunks of 32bits (=4 bytes) and it is addressed by multiples of 4.

The SPARC and some implementations of the ARM (*) don't support this and raise a bus error if you read data like this.

(*) there are extensions to the ARM core which can handle it, but this Depends on what functionality the manufacturer of a specific core has Implemented. 16-bit and 32-bit values need to be 4-byte aligned in memory. Or use newly added "unaligned" keyword before using them.

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It is important that you mix up a few essential points in this first message, such as, throwing their way a compliment, and making your introductory lines personal in so that they can connect with you.

Predicting that some people will desire to have the X button, it was provided a switch to control the title buttons policy.

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