Child dating gay parent dating best guy friend

15-Aug-2017 02:15

CP: A pivotal moment happened in seventh grade when my school had its first-ever gay pride assembly.

A teacher asked me to speak and at first I refused.

She marches to the beat of her own drum, and I admire that.But, in a crazy way, seeing the negative 1994 reaction to their gayness made me less inclined to out myself. In retrospect, it was the most beautifully empowering statement they could have made, but at the time, I was horrified to see them holding hands at the mall where all my friends could see, or kissing at dinner, or putting their arms around each other at the movies. Now I love PDA (the amount of times I've seen the Bette and Tina elevator kiss scene in The L Word is embarrassing) but then, I didn't want them to be so open.My dad had a rainbow flag on the back of his car, and I distinctly remember a handful of times someone screamed "Faggot" as they drove past us. Now, when I see gay couples of any age show that kind of affection, my heart swoons. I really loved my mom's partner, Kathy, like a mother and I still do, but it was hard during the early years before seventh grade. I started coming to the middle school to speak to prospective LGBT parents, and I babysat for all of their kids.No one had the cultural frame of reference to even think of something like that — I mean, I lived with my dad and "his friend." If that happened today, I'd be all, "Hey homos." But no, not then. Shortly after, my mom fell in love and moved in with her current partner, Kathy.

What about you, how did you find out your mom was gay? I was very into The Parent Trap at the time — Lindsay at her best — so I was convinced my mom and my dad would get back together.JW: OK, the fact you had a gay pride assembly at your school in 2004 is mind-blowing. After that assembly, teachers slowly started coming out even though a lot of parents, my mom remembers, said that their kids weren't "ready" for this topic to be discussed.

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