Chris rock dating nia long

31-Aug-2017 18:25

My daughter starts talking about [how] her friend has "good hair." And it just jarred me. So it's fine for a woman to make a choice about her hair, her makeup, whatever she chooses. Q: There is a scene in the movie when you [Rock] are in L. trying to sell black hair, but no one would buy it.

Rock: Right now to me, hair is more or less a style issue. So what happens over time, you start slowly to believe that the less Afrocentric you are, the more beautiful you are. Now the president is black all those jobs are gone.

Q: Talk about the issues [black] women have with hair. Long: I think we also have a lack of presence in terms of celebrating our beauty that looks more Afrocentric. A meeting went on for them to even write the word "black" on the script. If you want the part, you should probably come in as not black as possible. It's like, "Obama, damn you." It was a cool thing to have a black guy playing president.

Have you ever had a kid fall down and you overreact and the kid wasn't thinking about crying, but they start to cry because you were so startled? Because if I had reacted to it she would have a complex about her hair. Long: They don't go, "Oh, you have dreads or an Afro. Rock: They barely want to hire a black person anyway. Does President Obama being in the White House have an effect? Rock: Put it this way, they are probably going to start casting white guys to play the president [laughs]. I think a bunch of black actors just lost their jobs [laughs].

As the Oscars approach and diversity continues to be on everyone’s mind — especially as it relates to how Rock will choose to address it while hosting the show — one thing’s for certain: No matter what he chooses to say, his professional action has been speaking loud and clear for decades.

Though he isn’t immediately associated with them, Chris Rock has done quite a few romantic comedies over the course of his acting career.In “Head of State,” his 2003 feature film directorial debut, he dumps his opportunistic girlfriend, played by Robin Givens, and begins to woo Tamala Jones, who’s playing a girl-next-door type.In the best of this trio, 2007’s “I Think I Love My Wife,” Rock centers himself in a love triangle with Gina Torres and Kerry Washington. I go to the movies almost every week, and I can go a month and not see a black woman having an actual speaking part in a movie. On-screen representation for black women has been a cause in which Rock has been increasingly invested since becoming a father of daughters.Rock’s interview with Essence isn’t his first time addressing the disparity in casting consideration for black actresses. He famously recommended Leslie Jones to Lorne Michaels for a “Saturday Night Live” audition.

He wrote about it last year in a 2014 essay for the Hollywood Reporter: How about “True Detective”? And, perhaps most significant of all — at least to me — he fought for the casting of Tichina Arnold in his autobiographical sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris.” Of the experience, Rock told Essence: “With Tichina Arnold in ‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ I had to fight for Tichina. This was after your trip to India, where hair is gold.

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