Dating an anorexic girl

14-Oct-2017 20:58

on Return of Kings – if you haven’t, just scroll down to the comments.

Huff Po stumbled upon it, completely missed the satire, and thousands of self-entitled College girls decided that the appropriate response would be to start making death threats.

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The Victim Groups (read: enabling groups) would have you believe that she sees a distorted version of herself in he mirror: that she’s been so brainwashed with “patriarchal, misogynistic” imagery of skinny women in Hollywood, that she looks at her 110 lb frame and sees a whale.More specifically, she’s engaged in hidden self-harm – committing a slow form of suicide in the privacy of the bathroom stall.Suicide is a flight from suffering, but there’s often a great deal of spite involved in it, too.To explain why we’re going to have to delve into the pseudo-science which underlies much of modern Psychology.

Some Psychologists are legitimate scientists, trying to better understand how people function, and applying that knowledge to help them improve.

Disease manifestation will vary from place to place, but it will still occur in all places.

Although you can’t keep the vids, the high-res photos in the 24 image galleries can be saved to your computer.… continue reading »

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