Dating separated man no kids

12-Sep-2017 15:23

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We were talking and he told me is Separated with 2 kids, one is 2 yrs old and the other is 6yrs old, that didn't bother me as he told me they were separated.3 weeks after starting to date this man, i eventually found out that he in fact broke up with his wife and left her and his kids for me and moved out of the family home.But this is a temporary facade, as without integrity, these feelings simply can't grow into anything real or long lasting.This scenario will lead to a fall, but with it, you'll have some good life lessons.

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You are creating a problem for yourself by continuing to deal with him...him loose and he can return once he's legally divorced(must show papers proving he's divorced) and he has to establish boundaries meaning the only contact he's got with his wife is only to discuss the children anything else is irrelevant.

I met a man through my work who i instantly had a connection with the first time we met, he felt it too.

After the initial meeting we eventually met face to face for a dinner which he asked me out for.

I am so in love with this man and i know he loves me, he did leave his wife and lived away from her for 6 months but he is back there for the kids sake... He was probably just looking to cheat on his wife and for an excuse to leave.

I am so confused, can someone please help me with what i should do? Now the kids are the excuse and reason as to which he needs to go back.Tell him to leave his wife and kids for you, or you will leave.