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17-Jan-2018 17:47

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The dynamic on set was said to be ‘electric’ because of the cast’s star power.

They include Michelle Pfeiffer as glamorous American Mrs Caroline Hubbard; Judi Dench as sharp-tongued fellow passenger Princess Natalia Dragomiroff; Johnny Depp as the murder victim; Penelope Cruz as Greta, a Spanish missionary with a ‘secret past’; Olivia Colman as Princess Dragomiroff’s maid; Derek Jacobi, the victim’s valet and Daisy Ridley, recently in the new Star Wars fame, as a governess.

Michelle Pfeiffer (right) plays the merry widow in the 2017 version Knight train: Sir John Gielgud (left) brought sinister gravitas to the part of manservant Beddoes, who has a secret connection with another of the suspects.

Sir Derek Jacobi also looks decidedly shifty (right) In this £100 million-plus spectacular, they follow in the footsteps of cinematic greats such as Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, John Gielgud, Vanessa Redgrave, Jacqueline Bisset, Sean Connery and many more.

Murder On The Orient Express is based on Christie’s 1934 novel, and there are 13 suspects who could have plunged a dagger into the chest of shady American businessman Samuel Ratchett on the journey to Istanbul.

Branagh, who also directs the film, says Oscar-nominated hair and make-up designer Carol Hemming combed as many period references as she could find to devise the double moustache — or ‘face furniture’ as Branagh calls it.

”’Murder On The Orient Express will get a UK release in November.

For Jill, 42, starting afresh after splitting from her husband of 16 years meant she had to navigate a new world completely unknown to her.

“Then I can tell if conversation with the other person will flow.“I definitely go second dates before making up my mind, you’re more relaxed and you start being yourself.”Jill says that giving herself the chance of having a second date meant she was able to not only find partners but also of meeting ‘amazing friends’ along the way.“I’ve found many times the other person makes a great friend.“I’ve made amazing friends that I still see or talk to.Among many witty scenes, there’s one in which, in the haughtiest way, she says: ‘I order the fish!’ Branagh remarks: ‘She might as well have been saying: “I’ll have the fish, bitch!“In hindsight I don’t think I was ready then.“I was a single parent and my children lived with me, so It was quite difficult to find the freedom to date.

Also I was meeting men of a similar age who also had children, so it made it really difficult.”Life coach and Daily Express columnist Carole Ann Rice says it’s important to find yourself in a happy place before you venture out on dates.“First of all make sure you got over any emotional baggage or issues that you feel arose in your previous relationship,” she says.“It was about a year after I broke up with my ex-husband that I started looking,” she says.

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