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01-Jun-2018 00:47

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We helped each other with the loneliness that we had and we agreed it was like a niece/uncle relationship.

One Friday night I had a date and it went horrible.

Mike told me "go ahead, lay on the couch and put your feet on my lap." Mike was rubbing my foot with one hand and it felt ridiculously good.

His other hand started to move up rubbing my leg and I wasn't paying attention and got caught up between being drunk and feeling good.

Plus, I'm 49 so you are the hot young chick to me." I really liked that response and forgot what it felt like to have a guy pursue me.

I really liked how I was feeling about all of this and how Mike reacted and responded to me.

The guy was a jerk and it ended with him leaving me at the restaurant because I told him I wasn't comfortable going to his place.

I was feeling buzzed and called Mike crying asking him if he could come pick me up because I didn't have any money with me.

But I decided to try online dating recently and thought at the least I'd be able to chat with people to help with the daily loneliness and depression that I've been dealing with.

" His name was Mike and in his profile, he sounded nice, had his own place, lived close by, had his teeth, but was 49 years old. Then when I told him I had to get some sleep he called me.

I didn't know what to do and went back and forth in my head about if I should answer. I just wanted to hear your voice before I go to bed. " We ended up talking on the phone until my battery was about to die. Mike was very sweet and listened to me bitch about my life and was very open about his.

He too didn't have a lot of free time and worked a lot because he was divorced father of 3 and being a responsible parent paid child support and spent all his free time with his children.

We continued talking to each other for weeks getting to know one another.I started crying and he just held me and told me I was going to be ok.