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There are only few traces of the third type, the^VV inflection. Ce C-u-s, -6u(-s) Ce C-u-m m CC-eu-m CC-ou-s CC-u~os CC-eu-(ei) CC~u-ei CC-eu-(eh) CC-u-eh CC-eu CC-eu(-i) Ce C-eu~es Ce C-eu-es Ce C~u-ns CC-eu-ns CC-eu-om CC~u-om CC-u~bhi CC-u-bhi Essential is the form of the suffix. pantqm hzi-eu-ei lyavail ^pnt-hj-os ipa Qahl The static inflection had the accent on the root throughout, and zero grade of suffix and ending. ™*i*~~^ The two types can be characterized as follows: prot. The proterodynamic type had zero grade in NAs, full grade in the rest of the singular. Near "Silicon Beach," we're surrounded by innovation, inspiration, technology and creativity, and call companies like Google, You Tube, Sony Pictures and Electronic Arts, our neighbors.

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fl &--J* Two ablaut patterns must be distinguished: protero\ Jd&tj hysterodynamic. Questions of ablaut are treated with the separate classes.

The ending is always written with long i, but it does not seem probable that it was in fact long.

ak gdh YH L flrfofaz YH 1.) written arfaz, with unoriginal -ai?

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there are two forms, where the long a is not reliable.