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22-Jun-2017 19:07

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“So that aspect of sexual function improves with age.” Women, meanwhile, often see Brock because of vaginal dryness or discomfort during sex.But he says these issues can often be remedied with common products such as personal lubricants.“We’ll continue to see a reduction in the views that once you become a certain age you aren’t allowed to be sexual or to have good sexual relationships,” says Mitchell.“I’m pretty positive about the future being rosy for baby boomers.” Maybe even red-hot.Forty-one per cent of middle-aged Canadians considered themselves “sexually adventurous,” according to a 2009 survey by Leger Marketing for Eli Lilly, maker of anti-impotence medication.Nearly half of boomers reported shedding their sexual inhibitions since turning 50, and feeling sexually satisfied. S., 85 per cent of male boomers and 61 per cent of female boomers surveyed by a polling firm said that sexual satisfaction was “critical” to their relationships and quality of life, according to AARP, which advocates for the over-50 crowd.

He sees 2,500 patients a year, mostly baby boomers.When divorce happens, there is no shortage of resources to help boomers find their next partner—whether they’re looking for a casual encounter or a lifelong companion.Websites such as Lavalife Prime, Boomer Cupid, and Midlife Matchmaker all create “a much wider net to meet people who are single,” says Mitchell.Next year, the oldest baby boomers will officially become senior citizens.

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Given what we know about their active sexual lives today, experts predict no slowing down.And a 2008 survey on a British lifestyle website for older adults found that 37 per cent of single boomers would have sex on the first date—double the number for Generation Xers.