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13-Aug-2017 08:09

In the past, peeping Toms used holes in walls to spy on motel guests but now tiny cameras can be disguised in just about anything.“People are bugging the hell out of each other and people don't even realize it,” he told Inside Edition.In a demonstration,he showed how cameras can be concealed in a fan and other spots around a hotel room.

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According to Gatson: "She kind of turned her heel over a little bit, but when we went over to give her ice, she said, 'Nobody's going to stop me from doing a Beyoncé video.'" (And they didn't.)10.

Read: Dirty Bathrobe at Trump's New Hotel Not Washed Between Guests, Investigation Finds Angela Wallace, her husband and 11-year-old daughter found the camera pointed at the shower during their stay at The Knights Inn and Suites.“I knew it wasn’t supposed to be there," Angela told Inside Edition.

Police told them video was recovered from the camera so the Wallaces thought there'd be an arrest.

I thought it was voyeuristic and voyeurism.”When asked if he felt bad for what he had done, he replied: “I guess you can say I don't.”Debugging expert Jimmie Mesis of has the following tips:1. Look for any unusual objects plugged into the wall, like a flower pot.4. Disconnect alarm clocks and point them toward the wall.6. Place a towel under your hotel room door to make sure no one slips a camera underneath.8.

Check vents for cameras, especially ones above the shower.2. "We went through a lot of different ladies — short ones, tall ones, girls exactly Beyoncé's height," Gatson recalls.

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