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26-Dec-2017 02:11

Her skimpy suit promised further revelations that never came; her cuddly demeanor concealed the Bunnies’ intensive training, strict disciplinary policies, and astronomical paychecks.

A rosette name tag at the right hipbone and dyed-to-match satin pumps completed the outfit.

It was a flattering if constricting design; Lownes observed that “the costumes took girls with even average figures and made them look like they had amazing figures.” His comment is telling; not all Bunnies were bombshells. From day one, “the suit was a throwback,” Jones told me—to the 1950s if not the Gay Nineties.

The fashionable silhouette of the 1960s was boyish, not curvy.

One of the most iconic symbols of the Playboy Club was its waitstaff: a throng of women known, and dressed, as Bunnies.

Much like the clubs themselves, the magazine whose name they shared, and the man who created all of it, the outfits worn by the Playboy Bunnies were a blend of provocative and old-fashioned.But it was the addition of a man’s tuxedo collar, bow tie, and cuffs in 1961 that pushed the Bunny suit into pop-culture legend.“Everybody has this idea that [the club] was very sexually liberated,” Jones told me.

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