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03-Jan-2018 10:05

JOHN KING, CNN: He's reacting to the morning newspapers and the morning shows. He won the election, this is every reason to say I want to look at the vetting process, I want to make it better and make America safer, but he says it's a crisis. He did this as a candidate and will do it as a president. Donald Trump doesn't look at the southern border and says immigration is down and border crossings are down, but I want to make it even better. He looks at the refugee problem, nobody from the countries on this list, there is zero evidence that there's a terrorist attack from the countries on the list.C.,” and women have been “flocking to [him].” Oh là là!“A friend lives in his building and [has seen] him with different women,” one White House colleague said.John King is spending a lot of time going county by county through Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire — and now Michigan and Wisconsin, two states that Hillary Clinton was supposed to have easily in hand.Wolf Blitzer is no longer interrupting King and forcing him to jump around the map.Other sources revealed that Acosta was “quite popular on the recent presidential trip to Saudi Arabia,” which makes sense, because who could resist getting a little riled up after seeing that orb in action.Even the president, it seems, is not immune to Acosta’s charms.

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Is the network making these calls because some threshold has been crossed in terms of data received, or because it’s a way to gin up the drama of the moment? PT: with the first East Coast polls having closed, CNN is entering number-crunching mode — even if the numbers aren’t particularly crunchy.

CNN has essentially become the John King show with the race tight and leaning in Trump’s favor.

Asked by Blitzer if Clinton has any reason to be encouraged about in New Hampshire right now, King said, “I wouldn’t call anything encouraging for Hillary Clinton right now, to be honest with you, my friend.” p.m. With no swing state far enough along to call, what’s fueling the broadcast is the push-pull between anchor Wolf Blitzer and numbers wonk John King.

On King’s touchscreen electoral map, races in swing states such as Florida, North Carolina and Virginia are tight.

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But as Blitzer keeps calling one candidate or another’s lead “impressive” and interrupting when the numbers in a given state refresh every minute or so, King is offering caution.The network is also projecting its running tally of electoral voted for Trump and Clinton on the side of the building, which at least makes more sense than selfies.

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